A Cure For The Blues

For so long food and beverage product developers have struggled to find a solution for delivering products which are both vivid blue and natural. Often viewed as the Holy Grail of Natural Colour technology we have scoured the globe for a potential solution to this challenge. Our search ended last year in South America when we discovered an anthocyanin-based pigment which produces brilliant blue colours at all pH and is also light and heat stable. Available as both a water-soluble liquid and powder our Natural Blue has already been successfully trialled in commercial confectionery and beverage application, and will also provide an excellent solution in applications such as bakery and fruit preparations.

In addition to adding a vivid blue to our natural colour palette, this ingredient, when used synergistically with curcumin, lutein or beta-carotene has allowed us to develop intense and bright natural greens and also enhance our palette of natural purple colours.

Our extensive natural colour portfolio is supported by local application and research facilities in Sydney, Australia.

If you would like samples of, or further information on our Natural Blue Colour please feel free to get in touch with us.