Cosmetic &
Personal care

Ingredients that invite you to express yourself, naturally.

As consumers continue to demand products that are natural and organic, we are uniquely positioned to assist manufacturers of Cosmetics and Personal Care products with ingredients that meet these challenges.

Essential oils, extracts and absolutes which deliver natural aroma, extracts and fermentation derivatives which offer natural preservative effects and a range of vegetable oils and extracts which provide nourishing fatty acids and active ingredients with specific functionality.

Our portfolio of cosmetic and personal care ingredients are sourced from all over the world. From humble farmers distilling on their farms to high technology partners seeking to further develop novel ingredients that offer the functionality of chemically based preservatives derived from natural raw materials.

Key Natural Functions

  • Aroma

    From the smell of freshly brewed coffee to the perfume of a floral garden, aroma is a constant presence in our daily lives.

    Aroma entices our desires and has the power to evoke past memories.

  • Preserve

    For decades, artificial preservatives and antioxidants have extended the shelf life of products. Today, however, we have the opportunity to extract the same benefits from natural origins/sources.

  • Active

    The world is enjoying a new engagement with the broadened exposure to the therapeutic, medicinal ingredients that nature has to offer.

The people have spoken

Hearing what consumers want is not enough. It’s about listening to their needs and responding with robust solutions. This understanding allows us to look deeper into natural sources such as essential oils and extracts that empower manufacturers with more relevant and engaging products.

The power of natural sources

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