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Taking taste, aroma and delectable flavours to new heights.

From savoury to sweet and meat to dairy – all the way through to confectionery and beverages – we offer a diverse portfolio of ingredients that provide functionality in the core areas of Taste, Aroma, Colour, Enhancement, Texture and Preservation.

With a focus on natural ingredients and a wide platform of application knowledge, we thrive on the challenges that our customers present to us and are committed to delivering solutions that improve their products and offer them unique product positioning and competitive advantage.

Key Natural Functions

  • Taste

    From the flavour burst of fresh berries and the distinctive richness of chocolate to the succulent taste of roast chicken – we have a full portfolio of natural flavouring ingredients and extracts to share with you.

  • Aroma

    From the smell of freshly brewed coffee to the perfume of a floral garden, aroma is a constant presence in our daily lives.

    Aroma entices our desires and has the power to evoke past memories.

  • Texture

    We are committed to the search for Natural Ingredients that enhance the overall texture of foods, improve product perception amongst consumers and yet still remain cost effective in processed foods.

  • Preserve

    For decades, artificial preservatives and antioxidants have extended the shelf life of products. Today, however, we have the opportunity to extract the same benefits from natural origins/sources.

  • Enhance

    Consumers have made the decision to move away from foods that contain artificial flavour enhancers and other ingredients that require e number labelling. This shift has deepened the search for clean label flavour enhancement tools.

  • Colour

    The constant challenges of using Natural Colours are well known. From pH and light stability through to delivering colour intensity and surviving harsh processing conditions, we believe a solution is always possible and apply our experience and knowledge to deliver it.

Ingredients that go beyond taste alone


The senses are there to be ignited, so we ensure our approach to ingredients isn’t restricted to just taste. We delight the nose, visually entice the eyes and allow the mouth to feel texture.

Push your senses further

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