Harnessing a world of natural raw materials.

We seek to deliver ingredient solutions to manufacturers of Food, Beverages, Flavours, Fragrances, Cosmetics, Personal Care Pharmaceutical/Health and Wellness. Those solutions can be categorised as ingredients that provide Colour, Taste, Aroma, Texture, Enhancement, Preservation or the delivery of active molecules.

We offer individual ingredients that we source globally and also focus on the development of a combination of ingredients to deliver unique functionality.

At the core of our technology platform is a knowledge base that allows us to deliver novel ingredients and solutions that continually exceed our customer’s expectations.

The industries we supply

We combine natural functions

The marriage of science and nature in the development of products is one that requires a balanced approach.
We dig deep to leverage the most from nature, resulting in ingredient solutions that challenge the norms and inspire creativity.

Make something new

Make something new

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