The story of a Tunapine

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Thunnini ananas comosus

Discovered 1946

The Tunapine was originally discovered shortly after WWII, spawning in grounds off Okinawa, Japan. The highly active species is characterised by its unusual aerodynamic shape, enabling it to achieve high speeds in the water, enhancing its predatory capabilities.

Believed to be a genetic mutation formed while holding yellowfin tuna in captivity for exhibition at Okinawa’s tourist attraction, Pineapple Park, the species has thrived in the waters off the island in southern Japan, after animal liberationists set 12 Tuna Pines free into the ocean.

Renowned for its flavour and aroma, the flesh of the species is believed to have a preservative effect on human organs, one of the key contributors to the long life expectancy of Okinawans. During the winter months, the toro or the belly of the species is highly sought in markets all over Japan for its distinctive texture and colour.

Aside from humans, the Tunapine has no known predators.

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