We source from everywhere you expect and key places you wouldn’t.

Our global reach sees us leverage relationships with producers on all continents. These relationships allow us to take advantage of a knowledge and technology base that contributes to our capability.

Using our collective passion and instinct for discovery, we explore new and emerging sources from global corners that others often overlook.

Baker & Co’s approach to sustainability extends globally to ensure the long-term supply of natural raw ingredients and includes the utilisation of agricultural waste streams that can be harnessed to deliver new ingredients and technologies.

Superior service through seamless collaboration

Our experience, connections and broad capabilities position us as the first port of call for clients looking for a solutions-based partner who can think beyond the industry norm to provide innovative ingredients.

Placing collaboration at the center of everything we do ensures an open dialogue with customers – one that encourages them to call upon us with the simplest request through to the greatest challenge. 

This approach allows us to mutually benefit from each other’s strengths and capabilities.

From source and process, right through to delivery.

Our global relationships see us source real ingredients and use insights from local seasonal intelligence to ensure our customers receive timely and valuable market intelligence.

We manage the supply chain in its entirety – from the source to the final ingredient supplied to the customer – and offer broad accessibility through a local production facility with a global reach.

A rich history and a future-focused approach.

Our history as a family business gives us a heritage, while our progressive approach ensures our future.

Our hands-on approach has fostered long-term relationships with both our supply partners and customers which ensure us a sustained business into the future.

The intimacy of our relationships gives us greater insights into our supply partner capabilities and our customer needs, allowing us to service them in a highly-tailored fashion and with a considered approach.

Create something unique

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