The most important ingredient in a recipe is knowledge.


By using innovation and exploration, Baker & Co has positioned itself as an industry leader in sourcing and developing both staple and ground-breaking ingredients that underpin a wide range of products in the Food & Beverage, Flavour & Fragrance, Cosmetic, Personal Care and Pharmaceutical industries.

Our global network of specialised producers, combined with the collaborative approach we apply to our customer relationships, sees us push the boundaries of traditional thinking to source and develop unique and valuable ingredients our clients seek.

At the heart of this process sits a portfolio of natural raw materials from which we derive ingredients that have application across the 7 functionalities that underpin our core competencies. Colour, Flavour, Aroma, Enhance, Preserve, Texture and Active.

Here, we use the Story of a Tunapine. as the perfect analogy to explain it. 

A thirst for discovery

Baker & Co takes pride in employing a creative and unique approach to the development of boundary-breaking ingredients.

Driven by the needs of our customers and a commitment and passion for what we do, we thrive on the challenge of bringing innovation and creativity to the tailoring of ingredients for clients – empowering their point of distinction in the market.

By knowing precisely where our ingredients are sourced from and maintaining intimate ties with our supply partners, we are able to create, innovate and solve challenges; resulting in premium products with broad appeal.

We combine natural ingredients to create something unique.

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